~ Our Mission ~

To provide you with the essential tools for the success of your enterprise.


INFIBIT LLC is a designing, computer programming and complete online services company. Composed of a team of highly motivated individuals, our goal is to foster enterprise growth through satisfying your technological and creative needs. Each member is equipped with a highly specialized skillset; together, we are capable of delivering a wide range of products that are professionally developed for your business

Jeremie Amano

Software Developer & Nerd

Jeremie has been programming for 7 years, 2 years professionally. With experience working for an accelerator funded startup and in a professional office setting, he can develop quality software solutions efficiently. He also shares his passion for programming by teaching elementary school students basic programming. Jeremie currently studies at Truman State University.

Ethan Moengchaisong

Designer & Front-End Developer

Ethan currently studies International Business Administration Management at Menlo College in the heart of Silicon Valley. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Ethan has a passion for finding the needs in the society and fulfill the niche in the hope of making the world a better place. He is also a designer. Ethan has been designing graphics for both the web and for print for over 4 years.

Maya Ooki

Designer & Public Relations

Maya is currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She finds a balance in engineering and art, with her role as a graphic designer for INFIBIT LLC. She has over four years of proficiency in digital art and the hardware behind it.

Michael Reeves

Software Developer & Financial Manager

Michael has worked in a diverse number of professional software development environments. With an emphasis in .Net based applications, he can adapt his skillset to wide range of projects. When he isn’t working, Michael likes to expand his knowledge of programming by tinkering with personal projects.